September 28 Day of Action

Magnificent! Students, faculty, support staff, community members, and MPPs across the province showed their support for college contract faculty on September 28th.

Naomi Klein calls for support for contract faculty as Humber faculty unfurl a 'Fairness for Contract Faculty' banner at her talk at the Lakeshore campus.


MPPs Cheri DiNovo and Peter Tabuns support contract faculty

Cheri_DiNovoMPP.jpg PeterTabuns_sept_28.jpeg 

George Brown supporters: students, faculty, family


Sault College: Day of Action swag


Seneca College multi-campus support!


St. Lawrence College: Cup challenge for day of action


Algonquin College!


Mohawk College stands up for Contract Faculty 


Sheridan College supports equal pay for equal work


Centennial College: ice cream social to support contract faculty


Humber College students, faculty and staff support contract faculty





1) Contract faculty jobs are precarious and insecure. Contract faculty do not receive pay and working conditions equal to their full-time counterparts even though they teach the same courses and have the same qualifications. AN ESTIMATED 70% OF COLLEGE FACULTY ARE CONTRACT TEACHERS.

2) To provide quality education, all faculty jobs need to be good, secure jobs. FACULTY WORKING CONDITIONS = STUDENT LEARNING CONDITIONS.


--Send a photo with a message of support: OR twitter #fairness4CF OR find us on Facebook

--Wear a 'Fairness for Contract Faculty' button or sticker on September 28. Get one from your college faculty union local .

--Find out what your college faculty union local is doing on the day

Photos from February 11, 2016 Day of Action

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