Humber College Professor

I am a Professor. I work at Humber College in the School of Creative and Performing Arts.

Why do you love your job?

I love my job because I love working with my performing arts students who are very motivated and engaged. I love that I get to share my knowledge and experience.  I love that I get the opportunity to guide and shape their development as artists and citizens.




 Tell us about your proudest moment.

One of my proudest moments was a recent experience when a student I taught fifteen years ago rushed up to me on the street. He had a big smile on his face and excitedly told me about how the work he did in my class stayed with him and that he still uses the knowledge and experience in his current work.

 What are the challenges you face in your work?

As a contract faculty, I don’t have the opportunity for enough one-on-one feedback time or office hours with my students. I also cannot lend my experience and expertise to curriculum and program development because my contract status means that I am generally not included in meetings where these issues are discussed.  I have the same qualifications and responsibilities as my full-time counterparts but I feel isolated and marginalized because of my contract status.

 What would job security and better working conditions mean to you?

I have to work at three colleges to make ends meet. I never know if I will be rehired and whether I can get all of my courses scheduled so that I can get from school to school. This creates a huge amount of stress for me and my family. Job security, and for me a full time job in one school, would allow me to feel stable and put my full energy into teaching.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

If we are a society that believes in quality education for all, then the public education system must offer the people who work to provide it decent, secure working conditions. This is not happening in Ontario colleges. This needs to change.