Centennial College Professor

I am a Professor. I work at Centennial College.

Why do you love your job?

I am committed to my students. I value them and know that the strategies I teach are necessary and effective. My teaching reports are exemplary. 

Tell us about your proudest moment.

My students report consistently that I have changed their lives and strengthened their families’ lives. Due to the nature of what I teach, in some cases, students said I even saved their lives.



What are the challenges you face in your work?

Although I am a person with some disabilities, I am being required to take on an increased workload on a sessional contract--5 courses spread out over 4 days at 3 different campus locations--with only one hour between classes to get from one campus to another on Friday. At the end of the week I will be completely exhausted from working the previous days with no break or time for recovery. As a sessional there is no cap on the number of students in each class. I know I cannot take on an additional 45-50-60 students each semester. This workload is beyond my capacity to function.

This summer, at the last moment my 2 part-time classes were folded into one. I was informed of this cut, in a matter-of-fact email with no regard to how this would affect me as a person. I have cut everything I can, I could have gone to food banks but felt too ashamed to do so. 

What would job security and better working conditions mean to you?

Better working conditions would allow me to earn enough income to support myself. Despite my challenges, I am an excellent educator, respected by my students and (based on student evaluations) good at what I do. I have found work I CAN do despite my disabilities and I want to be able to continue without harm to my physical, cognitive and mental health.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

With the fluctuations in how I am hired and with no commitment to hire me, the stress is high. I never feel safe. I have been told I need to provide a "good budgetary reason’ to be hired into a better situation, I felt like I did not matter as a person, that the budget over rode everything. My life and contributions to the college do not seem to matter.