About Us

We, contract faculty in Ontario Colleges, including part-time, sessional, partial-load and continuing education, are dedicated to education excellence for Ontario college students. We are experts in our field and we are the backbone of educational programs that drive the social and economic vitality of our province. 

Challenges faced by contract faculty

Many people think that all college faculty have good jobs with benefits, pensions and good pay. The reality is that a growing number, approaching 70% in some colleges, struggle with low pay, lack of benefits and no job security. We are usually hired for only one term at a time—four months. Some of us struggle to cover the basic financial needs for ourselves and our families. To make ends meet, many contract faculty must work at more than one college or at other jobs. Many of us have been working under these conditions for years. 

Supporting our students

As dedicated educators, we also want to offer students the same level of support as our full-time counterparts. We would like to be able to spend more one-on-one time with our students and participate in the development of curriculum and programs that meet their needs. But, the precarious conditions of our employment make it difficult to fulfill our potential and provide the educational experience that we are capable of offering.

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Faculty working conditions = student learning conditions

We believe that the learning experience of our students is directly impacted by the conditions under which the faculty must work. To provide quality education, Ontario college faculty need good, secure jobs. With the support of the union, College of Applied Arts and Technology--Academic (CAAT-A) sector of the Ontario Public Services Employees Union (OPSEU), that represents full-time and some contract faculty, we have launched this website to raise the awareness of our issues and to fight for better working conditions. 

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